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Safety and Anonymous Reporting Systems

Many active shooters leave a treasure trove of information on the internet before they engage in their malicious killing sprees. Because of this, the WVPI strongly recommends schools and employers institute reporting systems including anonymous systems that students, employees, and others may use to report any disconcerting online behavior.

The following are a few of many disturbing and violent photos amongst other content the Weis Market shooter posted all over the internet (Twitter, You Tube, Instagram, Columbine message boards, etc.) before he shot to death three innocent people and then himself.

Above: Here the Weis killer wears a replica of the Columbine shooter Eric Harris' tee shirt bearing "Natural Selection" which Harris wore on 4/20/99 as he shot innocent students to death. Note the mock up of red markings which appears to symbolize what Harris' shirt looked like that fateful Tuesday in 1999.

This photo was posted on the internet before the Weis Marker killer engaged in his June 2017 massacre in western Pennsylvania.

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