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Suspect who killed 4 was arrested by Secret Service in 2017

The AR-15 has shown up yet again in today's mass shooting at a Waffle House restaurant nea Nashville, Tennessee.

At least four people were killed and two more shot by the suspect Travis Reinking who was described as nude except for the green jacket he wore at the time of the massacre.

Travis Reinking, age 29

A Waffle House patron identified as James Shaw, Jr. has been hailed a "hero" in today's tragic events.

Shaw rushed the gunman and pulled the assault-style rifle from his hands and tossed it behind a counter. Then the shooter fled the restaurant.

Regarded as a hero, James Shaw, Jr., 29, shows injuries sustined in today's active shooting episode in Nashville. (Twitter).

Reinking was arrested in 2017 by the United States Secret Service for infiltrating a restricted area near the White House.

It has been reported that his firearms authorizations were thereafter revoked and Reinking's weapons including the AR-15 which was believed used in today's mass shooting were confiscated.

Authorities are searching for Reinking.


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