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Anti--bullying advocate Italia Brosseau RSVPs yes to the WVPI Symposium

South Florida anti-bullying advocate Mrs. Italia Brosseau was in the room at the first WVPI conference June 2016 and she has confirmed she will attend the Orlando WVPI Symposium on May 10, 2017 as well.

Mrs. Brosseau

Mrs. Brosseau owed and operated several businesses in south Palm Beach and in the Coral Springs section of Broward County for several years prior to her retirement a decade ago.

Today Mrs. Brosseau focuses her energy supporting philanthropic causes and enjoying time with her family.

"I am a mother, grandmother and great grandmother. I'm very concerned about the bullying my grandchildren told me they faced in school and at work. It hurt them very much and it hurt me to see them in pain. I am relieved it seems like people are starting to take bullying seriously. It's enough now, I don't want to hear about any child hurt any longer because of bullying. I'm looking forward to the conference in Orlando," says Brosseau.

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