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Jennifer Coan joins the WVPI

In late December 2016, my friend Jane Brady Nosal informed me a young woman named Fatou Jallow was shot and killed at work in Madison, Wisconsin not far from where her own daughter Caroline was shot dead by a disgruntled co-worker in February 2016.

Fatooumatta "Fatou" Jallow, just 23 when she was shot dead at the home for developmentally disabled adults where she worked on December 21, 2016 by a male employed by the same company (Facebook).


The man who murdered Fatou also shot another female employee multiple times. Miraculously she lived. Before leaving he set a fire in the kitchen putting everyone in the house at risk of being burned alive.

Then he got into his car and violently crashed it into a vehicle driven by a single mother who'd just picked up her son from child care and was en route home. How the mother and son survived from that violent crash is another miracle.

That single mother Jane told me about back in late December 2016 is Jennifer Coan. Today Jennifer volunteers her services for the Workplace Violence Prevention Institute.

Welcome Jennifer. We are very happy that you joined us.

We are all connected.

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