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Accused Douglas High killer's case goes to grand jury

A Florida grand jury will decide whether an indictment should be issued concerning the 17 premeditated murder counts in violation of Florida Statute Section 782.04-1a1 which Nikolas J. Cruz has been charged with.

Cruz, 19, is being held at the Broward County Jail in connection with the February 14, 2018 mass shooting which left three employees and 14 students of Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland dead.

Nikolas J. Cruz mugshot (Source:

Cruz was taken into custody on the day of the mass active shooter incident and later charged by the Broward County Sheriff's Department. Under law, formal charges must be brought within 90 days.

The state attorney's role will be to present evidence to the panel of the crimes Cruz has been charged with. Typically this is accomplished through the introduction of documents, testimony, and other evidence.

The grand jury is scheduled to hear Cruz's case next week.


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