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Remembering Ryan Birse

Two years ago today Ryan Birse was shot multiple times in a senseless act of workplace gun violence in Kentucky. The active shooter who ended Ryan's young life was adjudicated guilty but mentally ill at trial last year.

This is yet another case of sane enough to purchase and maintain a firearm but deemed mentally ill after destroying a young life and all those left in the wake of Ryan's murder.

Ryan Birse/Birse family collection

Kathleen M. Bonczyk, WVPI Founder and President has had the honor of speaking with Ryan's father Mr. Tim Birse several times on the phone and communicating via email beginNing in the late summer of 2016.

Then last summer met Ryan's mother Mrs. Karen Rea, his younger sister Rachael and his stepfather Christopher during their visit to Florida.

Ryan's stepfather and mother Christopher and Karen Rea, Kathleen, Ryan's sister Rachael Birse and a family friend.

Workplace violence must end.

Gun violence must end.

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