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Joseph opens up about his experiences with bullying

"I ended up in the hospital once because of bullying. I was even bullied by a teacher. It should have never happened," says WVPI artist Joseph Bonczyk.

"The bullying happened in my early years, in grade school, middle school. It was wrong," he says. "It was too painful."

In the above photograph, Joseph holds the artwork he created for the inaugural meeting of the Workplace Violence Prevention Institute. He hand wrote the names of the 37 victims of occupational homicide involved in the first phase of "The Killer in the Next Cubicle" research.

"Bullying should never happen in the first place not at school, work or anywhere else," states Joseph.

"Bullying should be a crime. Don't blame the victim. Blame the bullies," he adds.


Please watch the following brief video on bullying and young workers.

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