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Jamaican bride flies to meet her husband only to learn he was murdered by an ex-colleague

On December 30, 2017 Kendric Wade, a mechanic and 20 year employee of the Beamer Plus repair shop in Houston, Texas was shot and killed along with a co-worker. A gofundme account tells of the poignant tragedy that befell his Jamacian bride who at the time he was being killed was on a flight to meet her husband:

"He found the love of his life and married his Jamacian sweetheart two years ago, on December 27, 2015. Kendric was so excited to be a step-father to her two young girls. He was so excited she was finally approved to be in the USA. After the two year wait period, she boarded her flight to USA to reunite with her husband, but only to learn he was slain in a sensless act of gun violence..." says his cousin Mesha Griffin who established the gofundme here:

Photo credit: Kendric Wade Facebook

The gunman has been identified as Daniel Ferraretto. The second victim, has been identified as Mary McGehee, a five-year employee and secretary of what has been described as a high end automotive repair shop.

The authorities report that Ferraretto who had been recently terminated killed Wade and McGehee and chased after the repair shop's owner before killing himself.

Wade was murdered at work in pursuit of the American dream. His loss has devastated his family and friends.

Photo source: caption states: A family member watches the Houston Police Department officers investigate a double murder and suicide scene at 14000 South Post Oak Road on Friday, Dec. 29, 2017, in Houston...

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