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Remembering Kenneth Suttner

One year ago today high school senior Kenneth Suttner took his life. The cause of death was determined to be "bullying."

I have lectured and written about Kenny's tragic loss many

times in the past year including for the National Underwriter/Claims Magazine, a periodical for insurance industry professionals.

My aim was to inform them first of Kenny's death and of the prospective legal exposures associated with bullying in my continuing effort to educate those in positions of influence and hopefully induce them to do something about bullying and other forms of workplace-based aggression in a proactive manner.

Patricia Harmon, my longtime editor at the National Underwriter/Claims Magazine wrote an accompanying opinion piece to my article on the tragedy that is bullying and holding bullies accountable.

Read my article and Ms. Harmon's opinion piece here:

Another article I wrote about Kenny and the tragedy that is bullying. This piece was directed toward managers, supervisors and other working professionals.

Read the Linked In piece here:


Please take a moment to remember the wonderful young man, much loved by his family and friends, who was lost to us one year ago this day:

Kenny Suttner. Forever 17.

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