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Three dead, three wounded: The culture of mass employee-on-employee murder continues

A disgruntled former employee is accused of murdering three former co-workers, and critically wounding two others at Advanced Granite Solutions in Maryland before crossing state lines and shooting a six victim in Delaware today.

The accused Radee L. Prince age 37 has a long criminal history in both states as well. A convicted felon, Prince has 42 past arrests on his record.

Prince also has a history of workplace violence.

Last February, Prince was accused of punching a coworker in the face. After being terminated from his job because of this, he allegedly returned to the workplace several times and threatened other employees. Thereafter, one employee obtained a court order of protection against Prince.

After a manhunt, Prince was taken into custody.

Today's mass employee-on-employee shooting spree in Maryland and Delaware follows several similar attacks this year in Florida, California and Pennsylvania.

Workplace violence can be predicted and therefore prevented in many cases. Please watch the following brief video on the growing epidemic of workplace violence.

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