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Five Tips - active shooter situations

Last night a sniper perched from his deadly nest within one business - the 32nd floor of the Mandalay Hotel - rapidly fired off shot after successive shot at the patrons and employees of another business - an open air concert venue directly across the the Las Vegas strip.

The horrific news of yet another deadly active shooter situation should serve as a reminder to assess your personal safety plan.

Per the F.B.I. some 70% of active shooter situations occur at one of two locations - businesses and schools. Yes: That is the situation. That is where we are in the United States today.

The victims in Nevada, those who lived, those who were killed likely never imagined in a million years they would be shot at by a vicious spree murderer with at least ten, possibly as many as 19 riles in his possession. Yet they were.

Do you know what to do if you experience an active shooter situation? Here are five quick tips:

1. In the case of a sniper shooting off hundreds of rounds of ammunition from high above such as the Mandalay killer, drop to the ground immediately. If you are able to seek cover quickly crawl to it. Don't stand still as you are in essence a target for a sniper with a telescope.

2. If the shooter is walking about the building you are in firing off a gun, get out of tha building as quickly as possible. Run don't walk to safety.

3. Get to know all escape routes of the building you are in before you enter it so that you will be able to find your way out quickly in the event of an emergency.

4. If you are not able to escape the building, find a secure place to hide such as a closet. Turn your cell phone off and be as still and quiet as possible.

5. When first responders show up, follow their directions. If they instruct you to raise your hands or drop to your knees, do so. DO NOT make any unexpected moves, such as reaching for identification in your pocket as this may be mis-interpreted by law enforcement as your seeking a weapon.

They don't know if you are a witness, a victim, or a perpetrator and they are trying to gain control of the building from the shooter. Please don't make their task harder than it is.

Once you are safe, cooperate with law enforcement as they begin the task of investigating the situation. Understand you may be taken to a staging area for a period of time to answer questions before you are free to go.

If you are, recognize that law enforcement is not trying to make your life more difficult. They need your help. Let them know what you saw or heard.

The information you provide will assist with the investigation and may even help identify anyone else who was involved in the attack who is still at lage.

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