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The Killer in the Next Cubicle Cost of Litigation Analysis

The Killer in the Next Cubicle my research project on employee-on-employee murders across America 2010-2017 evaluates workplace violence lawsuits. In some instances the cases have been settled for undisclosed amounts.

One such case involved 30 year ABB employee Tim Hendron, 51, who was responsible for the massacre that occurred at ABB, Inc.'s electrical transformer plant on January 7, 2010 and is a part of my research. My research profiles killers as well as victims and Hendron has several things in common with other employee murderers in the study.

Photo by John L. White

Early that morning, Hendron entered the ABB factory with an AK-47, a shotgun and two pistols and killed three people and wounded five others.

After reportedly discharging more than 100 bullets at 23 people, Hendron turned his firearm on himself and committed suicide.

Lawsuits filed in St. Louis Circuit Court were brought on behalf of Terry Mabry Sr., 55 and Cory Wilson, 27 who were murdered by Hendron were settled for an undisclosed amount in 2015.

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