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3rd Catastrophic Workplace Violent Incident in 10 days

Today three United Parcel Service ("UPS") employees were shot and killed in San Francisco following a workplace meeting.

The shooter, an unnamed co-worker, turned the gun on himself and later died. Two other people were also shot but have survived.

Mike Lefiti

Thus far one of the victims has been identified: 46 year old Mike Lefiti an UPS driver who was described as a devoted family man leaves behind a grieving wife and children.

Employees were seen exiting a workplace which was turned into a war zone in minutes.

This is commonly asked by law enforcement in active shooter situations, as the first responders endeavor to identify shooters from the victims, accomplices from bystanders.

Employees exiting an UPS workplace turned into a war today.

Photo credit: Kevin Wood.

Today's tragedy in California followed mass workplace shootings/suicides in Florida on June 5, 2017 and Pennsylvania on June 8, 2017. A total of 14 people are dead including the three gunmen.

Please watch the following video on employee safety and workplace violence.

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