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PA employee posted many violent social media messages before killing three co-workers and himself

Shortly before killing three co-workers and then himself on June 8, 2017 Weis Market employee Randy Stair, 24, posted a video on social media describing what he intended to do at the Tunkhannock, Pennsylvania store.

This followed disturbing videos on his social media account called "Embers Ghost Squad" which referenced a massacre dating back to July 2016. Stair also had a history of posting violent cartoons online and was said to have idiolized Columbine killers Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold.

Some of Stair's photos and videos were of him posing with and even kissing his guns. Certain videos were named "suicide tapes." He also posted selfies of himself taken at work.

In a final tweet under his twitter name "Andrew Blaze" Stair wrote "Goodbye humans…I’ll miss you….”

In one video created May 11, 2017 or approximately one month before the massacre Stair displayed two shotguns which he called "the twins." He referred to the co-workers who would be working with him. Stair intended to kill everyone present.

Law enforcement report Stair blocked the store's exits as he stated he would in his video and then began shooting. A total of 59 shots were fired and 48 more live rounds were found in the market.

Authorities identified the victims as Victoria Brong, 26, Brian Hayes, 47 and Terry Sterling, 63. A fourth person escaped and phoned police.

A Frightening Prediction by a Future Mass Murderer.

In one video where he poses with a rifle, Stair chillingly looks into the camera and asks where is this going to go? Then he ponders what's going to happen to prevent this from occurring again in the future?

Stair responds to his own questions nothing, there is nothing that can be done to prevent it from occurring in the future.

I respectfully disagree.

In my opinion prevention is possible where employee-on-employee violence is concerned.

It appears Stair left many clues before carrying out the catastrophe that occurred in a market located approximately 25 miles from Scranton, Pennsylvania. Clues that were either missed entirely, went unnoticed or were ignored.

Employee-on-employee workplace violence is at epidemic proportions.

Please watch the following short video on employee safety and workplace violence.


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