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Three Women Murdered After Complaining About Male Co-workers

Fatoumatta Jallow, 23, murdered at work December 21, 2016 (Jallow family collection)

Caroline Nosal, 24, murdered at work February 2, 2016

(Nosal family collection)

Pamela Harmon, 57, murdered at work, September 29, 2015

(Harmon family collection)

Fattoumatta Jallow.

One day last year, Fattoumatta exercised her company's internal grievance procedure at the group home where she worked in Madison, Wisconsin and complained about a male co-worker.

Her alleged harasser was subsequently transferred to another facility owned by their employer.

On the evening of December 21, 2016, Jallow was shot and killed at her place of employment. A co-worker Julie Connors was shot multiple times but miraculously survived.

The man charged with one count of murder and one count of attempted murder was also charged with attempted arson for allegedly intentionally setting fire inside the group home not far from where one of the residents was receiving oxygen. Court records indicate he harassed more than one female.

Per the authorities, the man accused of Fattoumatt's murder is the same person Fattoumatta complained to management about.

Caroline Nosal.

In January 2016, Caroline told management of the grocery store where she worked in Madison, Wisconsin about a male co-worker's troubling behavior at work.

At the time, this individual was also being investigated by the authorities for the attempted rape of a woman on Christmas 2015.

The man was suspended from his job and advised on February 1, 2016 his employment was terminated. Later that day he purchased a gun. The following evening he used his newly purchased firearm and killed Caroline in the grocery store's employee parking lot.

Caroline's murder happened approximately 1.4 miles away from where Fattoumatta would also be shot dead some 10.5 months later.

Caroline's murderer killed her on his birthday. After he pled guilty to her murder, he was found dead in his cell on what would have been Caroline's 26th birthday - May 1, 2017.

Pamela Harmon.

Army veteran Pamela Harmon was a fixture at the Goodwill store where she worked in Georgia for sometime when she complained to management about a male co-worker.

Harmon was concerned that the man was stealing from the Goodwill. In response, he was reportedly transferred to another store and then quit his job.

On the morning of September 29, 2015, authorities found Pamela's lifeless body outside the Goodwill store she was in process of opening.

Evidence suggested the attack commenced inside the store and continued outside. Pamela had been savagely stabbed to death.

The man suspected of killing Pamela took off and died in a shoot-out with police in West Virginia.

He was the same person Pamela complained about.


Fattoumatta Caroline Pamela: Three women who did not scream or yell or fight or resort to self-help or engage in other misconduct in response to concerns about their male colleagues.

They did exactly as they should have done and that a typical grievance procedure directs employees to do regarding such concerns. They talked to management.

None of the males who were the subject of Fattoumatta, Caroline or Pamela's complaints were immediately terminated by their employers.

Two were transferred to other locations and one - who was actually facing possible sexual assault charges involving another woman - was suspended from his job.

What if anything was done to protect the women after they complained is unknown at this time.

Nevertheless all three appear to have suffered the ultimate form of retaliation - occupational murder - after they spoke to management about these men.


Please watch the following video regarding steps to take if you are being harassed at work.

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