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One Simple Step Employers Can Take to Immediately Reduce Bullying

Encouraging bullies to change what may be lifelong habits is an extremely difficult challenge for American employers.

It involves addressing and remediating issues related to the psychology of the bully.

This is hardly a simple task. Why increase the burden by adding a fresh new crop of bullies to the mix?

Whenever I am asked for advice as to what can be done to eradicate bullying from the workplace I respond:

"Don't hire another future bully."

Employers who want to get tough on bullying have enough on their plates dealing with the current crop of bullies. Why add to the burden when the organization does not have to?

Keys to success include:

-- Taking a fresh look at recruiting and hiring practices,

-- Integrating ways to minimize the risk of mis-hires,

-- Including strategies to gain insight into if the candidate

has a propensity toward bullying.

Please watch the following short video for best practices that will mitigate the risk of adding a bully to the workforce and minimize the potential for legal exposure.

For further information peek inside my ebook "Focused Interviewing" here

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