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Dying at Work: The Ultimate Retaliation

23-year-old Fatoumata "Fatou" Jallow filed a harassment complaint against a 25-year-old male co-worker Ali Hassan with their employer REM Wisconsin.

Photo: Fatoumata "Fatou" Jallow (Source:

According to family members, Jallow did so because Ali behaved as though he was her "master" and also acted in an improper "controlling manner" toward her.

As a result of her complaint, Ali was reportedly transferred to another REM Wisconsin-owned facility.

On December 21, 2016, Ali confronted Jallow at work and shot her multiple times in the torso and right arm, killing her. He also fired his gun approximately 10 times at another female worker who fortunately survived.

Ali has been charged with the murder of Jallow and is awaiting trial. He has also been charged with arson for deliberately setting fire at his place of employment, a group home for cognitively disabled people.

Photo: Caroline Nosal and her beloved dog Bailey (Nosal family collection)

Tragically just 10 months earlier and approximately 1.4 miles away from where Jallow was killed, 24-year-old Caroline Nosal was shot to death by Christopher O'Kroley an ex-coworker whose troubling on-the-job conduct led Nosel to go to management.

O'Kroley was terminated from his job the day before he killed Nosal. O'Kroley later pled guilty for the crime and is currently serving a life sentence in a Wisconsin prison.

Employees murdered by colleagues they complained to management about is a recurring theme in my current research into employee-on-employee homicides across America.

The tragedies involving Yallo, Nosal and several other murdered American workers beg the question: Is enough being done to protect employees from the ultimate retaliation by those who they complain to their employers of harassment about?


Post-script: Charges of Retaliation continue to be the #1 charge of discrimination received by the United States Equal Employment Opportunity Commission.

Learn more in the following brief video.

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