March 31, 2018

When a state such as Florida brings a criminal action against a defendant, it is conducted on behalf of the citizens of that state.  

 Suspected mass shooter Nikolas J. Cruz

Currently, the state of Florida has charged Nikolas J. Cruz, 19, with 17 counts of first deg...

March 29, 2018

Unfortunately in 2018 Americans still experience sexual and other forms of harassment in the workplace notwithstanding the fact that the law barring harassment is more than a half century old.

Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964 was enacted in memory of President...

March 27, 2018


March 24, 2018

Federal statutes prohibiting discrimination including on the basis of disability might ultimately afford protections for victims of bullying and other forms of harassment in the workplace and in our schools.

If the bullying is based on a protected class s...

March 22, 2018

Please watch the following brief video on these important topics:

March 18, 2018

A key to mitigating the risk of bullying and other undesirable behaviors is to stop adding employees who bully, harass, have engaged in past work-based violence to the workforce. 

Focused hiring techniques can assist the hiring authority in ensuring that such mishires a...

March 17, 2018

Are you being bullied by a co-worker, customer, client, visitor, or worse supervisor or member of management? 

Bullying can have a devastating psychological and physical effect on victims.  Bullying can destroy one's confidence and interfere with the victim's...

March 16, 2018

We are pleased to announce that the New Jersey-based non-profit organization Bianca's Kids is an official sponsor of the WVPI Symposium 5/10/18.

"We are extremely grateful for the support that has been provided to us by Bianca's Kids," stated Kathleen M. Bonczyk, Founde...

March 16, 2018

Thus far in 2018 ten Americans have been shot to death in active shooter incidents across the United States.

These fatalities have occurred in the following states:

Alabama                 1

California                3...

March 16, 2018

Ten Americans have been shot dead in workplace violence vs. one American soldier shot dead in combat in Operation Enduring Freedom thus far in 2018.

An American is ten times more likely to be shot dead on the job on American soil vs. in active duty in Afghanistan.


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